Chloe Cox: Windrush


Chloe Cox: Windrush

Chloe Cox, 23, from Bridport, was the winner of Best Young Portrait or Figure Award, from the Society for All Artists (SAA), making her Young Artist of the Year 2020. Chloe has very kindly loaded this piece to DCH to help us celebrate Black History Month.

My paintings often portray individuals from BAME backgrounds with fascinating stories, talents or traits that have been undervalued in some way. I draw from candid photographs, and emphasise the features and textures to create a sense of permanence through paint.

This painting of my Granddad draws out the rich colours and textures of his face, which immediately fascinated me upon our last meeting. Having been physically distant for so many years, I remember actively committing him to memory; the intonation of his Caribbean accent, the bark-like skin around his hands, the hint of sternness behind his eyes, an echo of the intelligent, military man he once was. And in that moment, on the docks of the Dorset coast, clicking away with my camera, I felt I had suddenly captured the essence of him; his brilliance, age and unfamiliarity - not just to me but to the environment; all bundled up against the cold.

The hours spent painting this piece created a new connection to him, and I think of the marks like the roots of my family tree, which have become more prominent to me since then.”

Chloe Cox

Our CEO Patricia Miller said “I feel very privileged to have this wonderful piece of art here at DCH, especially during Black History Month. Being able to display Chloe’s artwork signifying these underrepresented and empowering individuals from ethnic minorities in British art is inspirational. As a black woman I am proud of the positive contribution black people have made to British history, this piece captures it beautifully.

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