David Nash


David Nash

Raw wood 'wings' in Beech and panels of sliced and charred Cedar dramatically transform this corridor space. The wings of wood reach up into the curved space above suggestive of the wooden ribs of a medieval ceiling. Finely spliced, they bend and twist, their negative shapes reflected in the form of the Cedar panels on the opposite wall. This work literally brings the living world of nature into the hospital building.

Nash looks for ideas in the natural world such as charcoal burners pits in Wales, trees and stumps discarded by the timber industry or the growth of saplings, and tries to leave many of the inherent properties of the material in the finished work. He works as artist and researcher, exploring the potential for his material, wood, to change through the natural processes of drying, cracking and warping.

David Nash lives and works in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales. He is an artist of international renown and has work in many public collections.

The commission is part of the Art in Hospital project 'Bringing the Outside In' and has been funded through an Arts Council England Lottery Award.


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