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Helen Brasher

The process of both making and looking at art makes us think. We can lose ourselves, if only for a short period of time, in gazing at a painting, a sculpture, a beautiful piece of ceramic or any work of art that challenges the imagination.

This escape to another world provides solace and relief from life’s burdens. I can think of no better place than a Hospital to offer art in this therapeutic way and hope that, if even in a small way, the work in this exhibition helps to do just that.

Originally a painter I have been printing for the past 30 years. I love the immediacy and unpredictability of print, the way the process itself can produce effects that come as a complete surprise when the paper is lifted from the plate, although admittedly not all surprises are necessarily good ones!

My work is landscape derived. I print semi-abstract, tactile images based on the colours and forms of the coastline. I am drawn to detailed fragments of the landscape, the patterns and textures of rocks, rusting metal, peeling paint - the sense of the past pressing upon the present.


I like to work directly with the landscape, walking, observing and gathering information in sketch books, photographs and found materials.

In the studio I work either in monoprint, which can lead to an almost painterly expression of the subject, or a more intensive process of creating a collagraph printing plate. I create this by cutting into card, scraping and generally altering the surface texture to create deep textural marks. There is a similarity between the destruction of the card surface to create the printing plate and the effects of erosion on the subjects that I often like to depict.

Helen Brasher Autumn 2021

To purchase prints or for any other information please contact [email protected]

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