For the Joy: An exhibition of three local printmakers

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For the Joy: An exhibition of three local printmakers

For the Joy
An exhibition by local printmakers celebrating the joy of printmaking.

Printmaking uses processes and techniques that are centuries old and offer unbounded creative possibilities. This exhibition showcases the work of three contemporary artists based in Dorset, whose use of Linocut, Screenprint and Monoprint seek to capture the beauty of landscape and nature in our local area.

Each original print is made entirely by hand, using traditional printmaking techniques, resulting in a limited number of unique art works.

Caroline Buckman creates botanically themed linoprints inspired by nature.

Rebecca Drury is an artist printmaker specialising in linoprint. Her works are inspired by Dorset’s coast, countryside and wildlife.

Rebecca Guyett is an artist printmaker and illustrator who works with screenprint and monoprint to capture urban and rural landscape and architecture.
As a collective, the artists aim to share the joy and peace that they gain through the process of printmaking, that they find in the subjects their work celebrates, and that comes in sharing their work with others. We invite you to share in this joy.

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