Jenny Tarr


Jenny Tarr

The permanent display and addition to our collection seeks to visualise the concept of breathing. The lungs are explored as a tangible motif to make visible the breathing mechanism.

The illustrated corridor uses the visual metaphor of breathing as sailing to provide a new perspective. The 6 pieces work together in a sequential way to tell a story, reflecting the surroundings in a creative and innovative way, perhaps leading to new understandings and perspectives.

4 stand-alone pieces (housed in the waiting room and adjacent consultation rooms)
6 pieces that form the illustrated corridor, a wordless narrative that responds to the concept of breathing.

Jenny Tarr is an artist who recently graduated from MA Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. DCH's collaborations with organisations in Dorset and engagement with external partners aligns with our Social Value Pledge.

Breathe — Jenny Tarr

Take a deep breath and jump in:… – AUB – Arts University Bournemouth

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