Jim Dine


Jim Dine

The Astra Set is a five piece collection of lithographs by renowned America Pop artist Jim Dine. They're hung in the Lecture Theatre at DCH.

The Colourful Venus

The Mighty Robe

Confetti Heart (above)

The Astra Tool

The New Years Tree

Born in 1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jim Dine is a seminal and prolific contemporary artist whose œuvre extends over sixty years. Dine’s diverse practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking (in many forms including lithographs, etchings, gravure, intaglio, woodcuts, letterpress and linocuts), sculpture and photography; his early works encompassed assemblage and happenings, while in recent years his poetry output, both in publications and readings, has increased.

Dine is inspired by the power of simple images to be both familiar and symbolic. His repetitions of tools, bathrobes, or hearts are easily understood by the viewer, while also suggesting deeper layers of meaning. He often works with subjects and images from his childhood, giving his work both a sense of innocence and shared nostalgia.

Dine's use of iconic forms and repeated symbols attempts to understand how images create meaning. By singling out simple shapes and objects, and depicting them over and over, Dine suggests that they are important subjects for artistic study. He questions the power of the iconic symbol rather than the simplistic celebration of them.

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