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Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas – Kaleidoscopic Collection

Kathryn is a graduate of the University of West of England and is a member of an elite club to have sold their entire graduation portfolio. Kathryn’s career shows a number of key phases in the development of her original and popular images of horizons through her subsequent fascination with fire, ice and the aurora borealis to her captivating starscapes.

Her work offers escapism on another level: some works may be more suggestive than others but the aim is that the viewer immerses themselves into the painting, spends time contemplating and finally allows themselves to express their vision – making them ideally suited to the hospital environment.

This exhibition shows work from the Kaleidoscopic collection in limited edition print form, the originals have sold, except 'Such a thing of wonder'. These prints have previously been on loan to support Gully’s in Poole Hospital and Lewis Manning Hospice.

Her most recent body of work ‘Wonderment’ shows significant development in her technique and understanding of celestial bodies whilst also borrowing elements of her ‘Kaleidoscopic’ and ‘Contemplation’ painting collections.

“Kathryn’s ‘waves’ of colour are not abstractions, they are timeless records of the miraculous space in which we float.” 

Jerry Hicks, RWA, MBE 1928 – 2014

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