Krystyna Sargent

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Krystyna Sargent

The narrative of my work is of timelessness. Each piece of my work is designed to create the essence of a weathered survivor from an ancient era that perhaps could have been dug from an archaeological site, telling its story, whilst marrying cultural influences such as the Renaissance in Venice, Celtic mythology and ancient Japanese philosophy.  

At the onset of the pandemic I started work at Dorset County Hospital, where I have been welcomed and integrated, and am privileged to be doing my little bit to help in the orthopaedics department, in my spare time setting up my studio and preparing this exhibition. 

Creating this work has been massively therapeutic in dealing with the upheavals, uncertainty and anxiety, along with everyone else affected in a hospital environment. The Jurassic coastline however, has a magical way of inspiring the creative process and part of this process has been a time of reflection, re-prioritisation and translating my new surroundings into tangible artworks.

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