Into the Woods

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Into the Woods

It is difficult to overstate the importance of Woodland to the environment and the future of our planet. They are important and diverse habitats invaluable in their own right, but they also have impacts on other components of the environment and climate. A group of artists in Purbeck are focussing on the Woodland as both a vital environmental resource and source of positive wellbeing, resulting in an eclectic mix of work.

The woods have long been a primary site of inspiration for artists, and a source of profound connection with nature. Woodlands and forests offer us shelter and refuge, and are home to a diversity of animals and plants. Their cycle of growth and renewal may sustain our lives and well-being. Stories, myths and legends enrich our imagination and inform our relationship with the woods. Entering into a woodland environment can heighten our senses and our self-awareness. The sensory richness may strengthen our mental and physical resources.

This exhibition brings together the results of our individual and collaborative engagement with the forms and atmosphere of woodlands. We began by going together into our local woods, making direct visual responses as we ventured into their depths. Then, in our studio practice and creative dialogue, we sought to celebrate the magical properties of the woods and their importance to our environment.

We would wish that the variety of outcomes from our creative collaborations might enliven the spaces, and spirits, within this caring organisation.

This exhibition features work by Purbeck artists Tim Edgar, Jim Hunter, Tony Kerins, Debbie Lee, Shannon Ribbons and Katy Shepherd. 


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