Paul Roberts - Holmes


Paul Roberts - Holmes

These large metal sculptures are inspired by objects found within Dorset, the font from the church at Melbury Bubb, a Roman amphorae uncovered at a site at Jordan's Hill and a Bronze Age socket axe head from an excavation at Maiden Castle. The amphorae and axe head are both in the collection at Dorset Museum, where there is also a cast of the font.

The sculptures are made up entirely of fragments of metal objects, mostly farm implements, found in the Dorset landscape and welded together. With these works the artist has made a stong link between the rich history of the Dorset landscape and the, then new, hospital building

The Persian God Mithra was adapted into Greek as Mithras. In Gallo-Roman religion Epona was a Goddess of fertility and protector of horse. In British lore, Herne the Hunter is a God of vegetation, vine and the wild hunt. We don't know if the sculptures represent the Gods and Goddess or whether perhaps they are more generally suggestive of ancient myths.

This commission was part of the Arts in Hospital project 'Bringing the Outside In' and was funded through an Arts Council England Lottery award. Photograph courtesy of Simon Nobes with Nick Hollis, Consultant Anaesthetist and Chair of the Arts in Hospital committee in 2012.

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