Pavilion Dance South West - Health and Wellbeing Community

Pavilion Dance South West - Health and Wellbeing Community

As both a form of exercise and a lifestyle choice, dancing has been proven to positively impact fitness, physical and mental health and overall wellbeing – for any age. 

It is our mission to pioneer innovative programmes targeting specific health needs, rooted in research and built with sustainability and legacy at it’s heart. 

Here you will find out more about three of our specialist areas looking at dance for Parkinson’s, Dementia and young people with poor mental health.

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We aim to enhance the healing environment for patients, visitors and staff here at Dorset County Hospital, through visual art, performance and music. Please help us to continue and expand our programme by donating. Your donations can be used to commission and purchase new artwork to brighten up the hospital or to fund new participatory projects with professional artists and musicians.

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