25 Years of Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital

25 Years of Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital

This book celebrates 25 years of Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital. In 1987 the vice chairman of the hospital, Valerie Pitt-Rivers, started Arts in Hospital with the help of a few friends. In 2012 Dorset County Hospital had an impressive collection of more than 500 contemporary and modern artworks and a regular programme of events, participate reactivities and exhibitions involving all the art forms and for a wide range of patients and staff. Many of the larger artworks in the public spaces were commissioned through the project Bringing the Outside In which was funded by an Arts Council England Lottery award. In this book 25 patients staff, artists and supporters give their personal views on the artworks and Arts in Hospital. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and to all our supporters over the years.

Alex Coulter Arts Co-ordinator 2012

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