The Peasant Evolution Recipe Book

The Peasant Evolution Recipe Book

This recipe book is the culmination of the ideas and suggestions made as part of “Blood Makes Noise”, a film by Peter Snelling and a cooking project where people on dialysis worked with Jyoti Fernandes, a local chef and one of the founders of the Peasant Evolution (who grow local organic food in Dorset).

A group on twilight dialysis at Dorset County Hospital came up with a list of their favourite foods and of course some on their ‘wish list’ were high in the potassium, phosphate or salt that they believed they should avoid completely. However Jyoti used her culinary skills to come up with some tasty recipes and together with the specialist knowledge of Renuka Coghlan, renal dietitian, ensured they were suitable for all renal patients.

In the end everyone involved in the project was invited with their family to join Jyoti and the project team in a ‘Cooking with Jyoti’ evening where we all cooked some of the dishes you see in this book. At the end of the evening we all sat down to a sumptuous meal.

The recipes allow you to make a range of meals and snacks that are tasty, flavoursome, fit in with dietary prescriptions and hopefully inspire you to make your own renal friendly recipes.

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