Wall of Words

Wall of Words

Wall of Words by Kevin Carter, Paul Hyland and Andrew Whittle 2000. The stories of 10 patients - each one born in a different decade of the 20th Century - provide the source material for this collaboration between a writer Paul Hyland, a letter cutter Andrew Whittle and an artist working with new technologies Kevin Carter. (LCD screens were removed in 2011)

Paul Hyland:

"My job was to talk to the ten people whose words would create the wall. As soon as I started the interviews I felt myself having rich conversations with people who had prepared themselves to talk about their lives.

My task was to transcribe their words then select and edit them, with mutual agreement. Next I plucked out a selection of characteristic phrases and presented them to my collaborators. We chose key words for the touchstones Andrew would carve, giving us the ten carved pieces of stone that run along the main link corridor on Level 2 in the North Wing, not far from Damers restaurant.

A hospital is a place where life's extremes - sorrow and joy, pain and healing, birth and death - are everyday matters. I talked with ten people, who happened to be patients, about the times of their lives. The wall shouts and whispers at passers by. It celebrates the community the hospital is serving buy giving these representatives visible, palpable voices." 

Précised from Paul Hyland's introduction. Below in the flipbook you can read their stories in full.


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