Keith Baddams


Keith Baddams

After leaving School in East London I completed a four year precision engineering apprenticeship followed by extensive traveling across Europe, Scandinavia and Southern Asia. In 1980 I picked up my first glass cutter in Oregon, USA and instantly knew I could steer my engineering background to a more rewarding, creative direction.

Returning to the UK, I set about teaching myself this new skill, which before long earned me a modest living selling at markets like Camden and Walthamstow. My first full time employment in the trade was with Chelsea Glass in Fulham, where I spent 6 years gaining invaluable experience in many aspects of the glass trade. When they closed I worked for a well-respected stained glass studio in West London, whose main clients were in the Middle East producing stained glass windows and structural domes for Mosques and Palaces - which involved 'on site' fitting. Leaving London and moving to the West Country I worked alongside a long standing colleague of mine at the glassworks in Wells Cathedral and had the chance to restore historic glazing on grade 1 listed buildings. Whilst there I started my own business which became very successful and I pursued this full time until 2009. I have continued in this direction but in a much reduced capacity gaining precious time to realise my own glass creations. 

The NHS panel was a very rewarding exercise for me to make. In September 2009 I had a ruptured aortic aneurysm whilst on site at the Alms Houses at Sherborne Abbey. After surviving the emergency lifesaving surgery and the 18 months recovery time, the NHS has supported me in my running battle with PTSD. I have harboured the desire to repay the NHS in some way for a very long time and saw the current situation as a golden opportunity to fulfil this goal. The glass used in the background has quite a history; I worked alongside the renowned Dorset stained glass artist Henry Haig for the last 12 years of his life and it was given to me after his death. The glass was made by 'Hartley Wood' and I have held onto it waiting for the right project to come along, this was definitely the right one to use it on. Thanks to Felix Thompson for making the frame.

Keith Baddams Summer 2020     


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