Diabetes Centre Mural


Diabetes Centre Mural

Staff at our Diabetes Centre have for sometime been asking for a Mural to brighten up their waiting area. In order to fulfil this request we worked with Weymouth College to find a Fine Art degree student who was able to fulfil the brief.

The brief was to create a large scale painting at DCH's Diabetes Centre with a positive feel, encouraging activity and heathy living and using only water based paints in order to meet fire safety requirements. We were lucky enough to find Fronde Crennell, a mature student who has completely immersed herself in Arts in Hospital activity over the past few months, volunteering with a coupe of exhibition changeovers and generally seeing how and why we work.

Fronde said “After many years of working in care, in various capacities, I have had the opportunity to go back into education to pick up as a mature student where I left off in my youth.

I am currently studying for my Contemporary Fine Art Degree at Weymouth College, and hope to work within Public and Community Arts once qualified - My aim is to bring art out of the gallery and into the world!

This was an opportunity to create a painting which told a story and reflected the local landscape, that maybe you could pass the time in the waiting room thinking what happens next?

Using paints mostly donated, the colours I had to work with were interesting as well as very contrasting! So I felt a representation of all seasons was the best approach in light of this - and of course, the sun doesn’t always shine, but we know it will return!

This piece of work is very far removed from my usual style this was an interesting exercise in balancing my personal style with a brief, I chose a narrative style, bold and illustrative including local landmarks. For my first painting on this scale I feel this was mostly successful in achieving objectives. 5 metres by 2 metres. Household paints and Acrylics on a whitewashed wall.

It was privilege to paint my first mural for Dorset County Hospital's Diabetes Centre.”

Fronde Crennell December 2021



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