Martin Donlin


Martin Donlin

This backlit stained glass wall, located in the Accident and Emergency waiting area, makes subliminal references to both medicine and the Dorset landscape. Through the limited but vivid colour ranges it creates a calm and magical atmosphere within the waiting area space, a luminous sea of abstract forms. 

Arial views of agricultural forms and images of the Dorset coastline are juxtaposed with microscopic biochemical images that Donlin has fused together and layered as a collage. These images have been abstracted to such a degree that they form a rhythmical composition of curved and straight lines that flow across the lead lines, as well as being contained within them, through a careful selection of antique flash glass and subtle acid etching. Small areas of orange have been used to compliment and enliven the screen, together with 'tracks' of black paint the lead the viewer's eye from one area to the next.

Martin Donlin trained at Swansea College of Art in Architectural Stained Glass and had subsequently undertaken a considerable number of commissions for public buildings.

This commission is part of the 'Bringing the Outside In' project that was funded by an Arts Council England Lottery Award.

Photo courtesy of Simon Nobes

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