Sense of Space: Stroke Unit Photography Project


Sense of Space: Stroke Unit Photography Project

The photographs on this ward are all taken by members of the Dorchester Camera Club. This concept arose following successful feedback from a 2015 collaborative project with the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) team, consisting of largescale photographs displayed on the Day Lewis Ward (next door). The success of this project was such that many members of staff requested something similar, so we endeavored to make this happen.

In 2019 we applied for further funding from the Dorset AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund, this time though to licence a library of local images that we could draw on again and again. This enables us to use these resources in different areas of the hospital and for staff to have a collection they can select from. The money to produce the largescale photographs has been raised by generous donors and fundraisers supporting the Stoke Unit.

There is evidence that artwork on acute wards not only aids wayfinding but also relieves stress, reduces pain killer consumption, aids rest and relaxation and improves staff moral – particularly images of nature. On the Stoke Unit they can also act as a conversation starter, a memory jogger or be a goal to walk to.

‘Arts in Hospital’ is continuing to work towards expanding Dorset County Hospital’s ‘Sense of Space’, involving its community and embracing the local landscape. This makes collaborations with organisations such as Dorset AONB and Dorchester Camera Club particularly relevant.

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